Hello S/4HANA Cloud Community,

I have observed that many customers have issues regarding XML filling. So, I decided to write this blog to share some important tips that can avoid many errors during the migration process. The below information is valid for all Migration Objects and should avoid losing time during the migration process.

When copying data to a sheet from Microsoft Excel, always right-click the relevant cell and choose the paste option 'Values (V)'. You should also refer to the KBA ##2692715 - Migration Cockpit: How to correctly fill data into XML template.

Please pay attention to the different data types, like date (for example 12/31/1998 to United States or 31.12.1998 to Germany) and  number (enter numbers with decimals in the relevant country-specific format, for example 12.34 to United States or 12,34 to Germany. This information is described in the sheet "Introduction" in all templates, you should take a look on this sheet.

Do not make any changes to the structure of the migration template, as this will corrupt the structure of the XML migration template. Take care specifically:

             Do not delete, rename or change the order of any sheet in the migration template;

             Do not change the formatting of any cells;

             Do not use formulas;

             Do not hide, remove, or change the order of any of the columns in the migration template.

 I hope this blog can be helpful!