Wechat is the most popular messenging APP in China . Wechat mini program is popular in China .   With  Wechat  mini program we can create some app which can be share with friends or customers .  In some of my prefere success check for China customer, they are very interested in calling odata api in S4Hana cloud  .

Today I will take this oppotunity to demo a simple example .  In the demo ,  I we use input field to for inputting material code.  Then I will  calling odata from S4HC to get the material description .

The assumption is :

1,  The reader  has known about  create communication user, communication system, communication arrangement in S4HC .

2, The reader has  created account in the following linkage  and installed  mini program development tool  his/her own computer.


The following is the steps to demo the test :

step 1 , add  s4hc website in the developing request legal domain on website https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ .

Step 2, disable all the certificate of your browser like Chrome or IE .

Step 3, create a project in mini program development tool .

step 4:  Add related page :

 Step 5 : add the following code in  odata.wxml

 Step 6 : add the following code in  odata.js

Step 7 : add the following code in  odata.wxss

Step 8 : add the following code in  app.json

Step 9 : change the following setting

Step 10: Testing

The End 

Jacky Liu