In this blog post you will get to know about important messages at the time of creating a Purchase

Requisition or PR to PO conversion, when one tries to associate the PR with a

  • Supplier marked for deletion
  • Material marked for deletion
  • Contract that has expired or
  • Contract with inadequate residual value/quantity

Blog Applicability


SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release



Target Audience

Business Users, Key Users, Consultants

Target Industry / Business Function / Component

All Industries / Purchasing or Requisitioning Department / MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF

Fiori Apps Used

  • Supplier Master Display : Manage Business Partner
  • Material Master Display : Manage Product Master
  • Contract Creation : Manage Purchase Contracts
  • PR Creation : Manage Purchase Requisition Professional
  • PR to PO Conversion : Manage Purchase Requisition


1. Supplier marked for deletion for a Purchasing Organisation

Supplier Master Purchasing Organisation View :

Purchase Requisition Error Message :

2. Material marked for deletion for a Plant

Material Master Plant View :

Purchase Requisition Error Message :

3. Contract Expired

Contract :

Purchase Requisition Warning Message :

4. Contract Residual Value Insufficient

Contract :

Purchase Requisition Message : None

PR to PO Conversion Error Message :