Objective of this Blog is to clarify the Configuration set up for Import Process under GST regime, Which is already pre delivered as part of Import Solution 

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As Per GST Law

- To clear the goods from the customs, custom duties has to be paid for custom clearance

- The customs invoice consists of the Basic Customs Duty (BCD) and IGST in the GST regime

- To create the customs invoice in MIRO, Basic customs duty is derived from the delivery cost line

- IGST is computed on the Basic customs duty and the assessable value

Configuration Overview

Please note all this configuration is already pre-delivered 

Backend Configuration (No SSUI applicable)

A)    Condition Type – JIMD – IN: Import GST deduct

B )  Condition Type – JIMN – IN: Import GST ND


D)   JIDC – IN: GST Comp. Cess Imp


       E)  Tax Calculation Procedure – 0TXIN With Import Conditions



     F) Assign Tax Calculation Procedure to County 


 SSUI > Set Pricing Condition Types - Purchasing   ID101094

G) Condition Type - JCDB - IN Basic Custom

H)  Condition Type - JCDB - IN Basic Custom – IN: Social Welfare Surcharges

SSUI > Set Calculation Schema - Purchasing  ID 101095

I)    Pricing Schema Calculation With Custom Duty Component

J)    Adding JCDB - IN Basic Custom & JSWC - IN: Social Welfare C in Pricing Procedure A18001

   K) Classify Condition Types

SSUI > Classify Condition Types - Purchasing   ID101934

Sample Tax Computation for Import IGST & Custom Duty Component


Conclusion Important Configuration related to Import Process is explained

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2598053 - India: Social Welfare Surcharge

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