This blog includes frequently asked questions related to generation and configuration of purchase order outputs. This blog will be periodically updated based on most relevant questions received from customers and partners through different channels.

Q: Why I am not able to generate output for purchase order?

A: The configuration maintained in the app Output Parameter Determination might be missing or incorrect. Please contact your administrator and ask them to check the configurations done in this app. For more details refer Output Parameter Determination and How to configure output parameters for purchase orders.

Q: Why cannot I see all the fields in the Purchase order output form?

A: SAP delivers a standard template MM_PUR_PURCHASE_ORDER for purchase order outputs. This standard template is generally used to generate purchase order outputs. If you cannot see the fields in your output, then it might be possible that they are not part of the standard form template. To add more fields or to remove certain fields in the standard form template you must edit it to match your requirements. To edit form templates, you must contact your administrator. You will need Adobe LiveCycle Designer (ALD) 10.4 or higher to edit the form templates. Refer Form Templates for more details.

Q:  Can I print storage location address in my purchase order output?

A: Yes, go to the app Create Purchase Order – Advanced. Create a purchase order, while creating the purchase order mention plant name and storage location for the purchase order items. The mentioned storage location address will be visible in the ship-to address section when the output is generated. 

Q: What is printed in the Ship-to Address section?

A: If plant name and the storage location is maintained in the app Create Purchase Order – Advanced, then storage location address is printed. If only plant is maintained, then plant address is printed.     

Q: Why I cannot see purchase order header and item text in my output?

A: To see the texts in the output you must define text types that are relevant for purchase order messages. To define texts, contact your configuration expert user, ask them to do the following:

  1. Go to the app Manage Your Solution.
  2. Click on Configure Your Solution.
  3. Go to Sourcing and Procurement > Output Control > Define Texts for Purchase Order.
  4. Click on Configure.
  5. Ensure that the defined Text IDs begin with F, see below image.
  6. Save the configuration

Text in PO.jpg

Q: Why the system is not able to generate email as output?

A: For purchase order outputs only the RoleLF” is supported. Go to the app Output Parameter Determination and check the business rules for Email Recipient. Ensure that the Role mentioned is only “LF”.

Email FAQ.jpg