In 2005 Cloud Edition , the Key Users can make further changes to SAP delivered Search Models.

  • How does the customer make changes to SAP delivered Search Models

        The Customer can use the 'Manage Search Models'  App to make changes to SAP delivered Search Models.

  • How can the user access the App?  

        The customer will need to have be assigned the business Catalog 'SAP_CORE_BC_EXT_ESH'  -   to access the app.

  • What are the changes that can be performed on the Search Models?

         The customer can make the given changes.

  1.   Marking an attribute as a Facet.
  2.   Enabling or Disabling  a Search Connector

          In addition , there is a new feature on 'How to get access to an SAP delivered Model' 

Features already available in 2002 

  1.   Change the response Positions of the fields.
  2.   Change the  Facet Position of the fields.
  3.   Changing the  Search Priority of the Fields         
  • How are the changes transported?

       The changes are transported using the standard software export (from Q system) and  Software Import(into P system).  

       The changes will be made in the Q client using the 'Manage Search models' , and are then imported into the Production system.

        In case of issues , please raise a customer ticket on CA-GTF-HSB

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