Flexible workflows for Purchase Requisition is a powerful application that allows you to define pre-conditions and approvers for workflows. Two types of approvers can be configured – User based, and Role based. We are going to get to know more about Role Based approvers.


Setting up Employees and Employment Data 

In order to configure Role-based approvers we need to import employee and the manager information into the system. This is done through the Import Employees application.

Business Case

VP_TEST is the head of the purchasing department of an organization. MANAGER_TEST reports under him and manages the unit that procure raw materials. EMPLOYEE_TEST works in this unit and creates Purchase Requisitions for raw materials.





     1.      Log onto Fiori Launchpad

Log onto the SAP Fiori launchpad using a user that has the SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR role.


     2.      Access the app Import Employees


import employees.jpg

     3.      Download the templates from the link provided        in the app.


     4.      Fill the details in both the downloaded excels          with the values provided in the screenshots.



     5.      Upload both the filled excels in the application


Pls note: Upload needs to be done twice. The first upload will fail because employment will get updated only in the second upload.

import emloyees input.jpg

      6.       Check the application logs to see if the upload         was successful.


      7.    Log on to the app Maintain Business Users.

maintain business users.jpg

      8.     Search for the user EMPLOYEE_TEST and             assign the role SAP_BR_PURCHASER

assign business roles.jpg

      9.       Search for users MANAGER_TEST and                 VP_TEST assign the                                                 role SAP_BR_MANAGER_PROCUREMENT


Business Case

EMPLOYEE_TEST creates multiple Purchase Requisitions. However, the Purchase Requisitions created from the Purchasing Organization 1010 need to be approved by EMPLOYEE_TEST’s manager and manager’s manager.




     1.      Log onto Fiori Launchpad                

Log onto the SAP Fiori launchpad using a user that has the SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT role.


     2.      Access the app Manage Workflows for                 Purchase Requisitions .


manager worklows.jpg

     3.      Select Release of Purchase Requisition Item        from the drop down.

workflow release.jpg

     4.      Add a new workflow with Pre-condition as              Purchasing Organization = ‘1010’.

start con.jpg

     5.      Add a step sequence and chose Role based         approver from the drop down. Choose                   Manager of  Workflow Initiator as the role.


     6.      Add another step sequence for Manager of            Workflow Initiator’s Manager.


      7.      Save and activate the workflow


     8.     Log on with EMPLOYEE_TEST user. Initial           password will be ‘Initial1!’ for all users                   created from Import Employees


     9.     Open the Manage Purchase Requisitions             Professional app and create a PR with                   document category ‘NB’ and Purchasing               Organization ‘1010’.


     10.  Once the PR is created, note down the                 number

pr det.jpg

     11.  Log in as MANAGER_TEST and the access          My inbox  app. Search for the PR and                    approve the PR.

My inbox issue.jpg

      12.  PR will move to VP_TEST’s inbox. Log in as         VP_TEST and approve the PR. Now the PR         is fully approved and ready for next level of           processing.