In this blog post you will get to know about how to

1.    resolve the "M7036 - No goods receipt possible for purchase order & &" error while trying to carry out goods receipt against a purchase order

2.    record supplier confirmation data in PO through advanced fiori apps and

3.    configure confirmation control between in cloud vis-à-vis on premise


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SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release



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Business Users, Key Users, Consultants who face issues with goods issue, confirmation control and supplier confirmation

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All Industries / Purchasing Department & Warehouse / MM-PUR & MM-IM-GR


Case 1 : Sometime while one is trying to carry out Goods Receipt against a Purchase Order with Confirmation, one encounters an error message M7036 – “No goods receipt possible for purchase order & &”

·      Create a Purchase Order using Manage Purchase Orders app

·      Use Confirmation Control Key Confirmations in item details (can flow from Purchase Info Records as well)

·      Try to carry out goods receipt against the PO using Post Goods Receipt for Purchasing Documents app

·      Message M7036 pops up preventing successful goods receipt posting

Solution: Standard system behaviour with confirmation control key 0001 (Confirmations). To resolve,

·      Create Inbound Delivery against the PO for the entire Quantity using the Create Inbound Delivery app and check the usual and extended document flow

·      Supplier Confirmation will be automatically visible in the PO now with Confirmation Category LA and Quantity 10

·      Goods receipt against the PO will now be successful due to existence of Supplier Confirmation and document flows against both PO and Inbound Delivery will get updated


Case 2 : In certain business scenarios, a supplier is only required to acknowledge the receipt of an order and confirm by when, how much quantity can be supplied. The buyer usually receives this data from the supplier and enters it in the Supplier Confirmation tab in PO Item details. However, when one tries to edit the PO item through the Manage Purchase Orders app, the above tab doesn’t allow data entry.


·      Try to access the Supplier Confirmation section at the item level in a confirmation relevant PO item through the Manage Purchase Orders app

·      The section is greyed out in spite of usage of the Confirmation Control Key “Only Acknowledgement”


Solution: One way of circumventing this issue is to open the PO through the app Change Purchase Order Advanced

·      Then go to the Confirmation tab in Item Details, which should have a grid opened up to capture supplier confirmation

·      Enter the supplier confirmation details against the allowed confirmation category (CC) “AB” against the confirmation control key “Only Acknowledgement”

·      Check the PO again through the Manage Purchase Orders app and one will now be able to see the Order Acknowledgement visible in the Supplier Confirmation tab


Case 3: Certain Confirmation Control configuration screens like External Confirmation Category doesn’t appear in S/4HANA Cloud Solution under the Configure Your Solution button inside the Manage Your Solution tile

Solution: Standard system behaviour – restrictions apply to cloud solution configurability vis-à-vis an on premise solution. Some differences as under.

·      In cloud, one can set up confirmation control with both standard and custom confirmation control keys, but with only standard confirmation categories in confirmation sequence

·      On premise configuration options through SPRO provides possibility of configuring custom Confirmation Categories under Material Management > Purchasing > Confirmations > Define External Confirmation Categories

·      Setting up Confirmation Control through SPRO provides an option to define MRP and GR relevance of Confirmation Categories under a Confirmation Control Key


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