Recently we got the fiori app list from one customer, the requirement is whether the apps can be implemented with the following restriction in S/4HANA Cloud .

  • ØIndependent authorization for different regions/countries --- in a short ‘Restriction by Company Code’ ;
  • Ø  Transactions can ONLY be recorded in authorized company code;
  • Ø  Reporting can ONLY be displayed by restriction of company code;


Core Finance Apps

So I tested these apps in S4HC 2002 system environment. And I listed the apps during the testing by LOB, which mainly cover core functions in Finance.

GL – General Ledger, 26 apps


AR – Account Receivable, 22 apps

AP – Account Payable, 15 apps

AA – Asset Accounting, 14 apps

CO – Controlling, 8 apps

Year End – Year End Closing, 7 apps


All the apps in the above tables can be restricted by company Code. From the introduction , you may know the general picture of the authorization in Finance area.