1) Integration Scenario, Communication Scenario and Communication user should be known, which can be checked from Fiori login -> Communication Management-> Communication Arrangement

2) Connectivity should be established with proper communication user ID setup at both Ariba and S4 system

Steps :

1 ) Run T-code SRT_UTIL in SAP backend , Click on Traces -> Provide user name as communication user ID:

Set Performance, Functional and Payload trace as per screen shot and Save configuration.


2) Run the application to trigger the connectivity from Ariba end (PR,PO or any other )
3) in SRT_UTIL T-code, select the communication user ID from the list. View various traces captured for the connectivity
4) Goto Performance trace -> Select respective line item from the log -> Click on display -> Check the Web service name

5 )  Check the service using either of the T-codes below :


Select Web Service Configuration :


Search the Web service name in Object name field and click on the line item to view the details :


• T-code : SE80->Enterprise Service Bowser->Click on Open
 Web Service Definition tab ->Provide Web service name


Note : To view Enterprise service browser option in SE80 goto Utilities->Settings->select Enterprise Service browser from the list and click ok

6 ) Connection trace can also be viewed from SRT_UTIL -> Message monitor