The business user accessing the SAP Cloud Platform Admin Console should have administrator’s role.

On your Mobile Device

Step 1: Install the app- SAP Authenticator on the phone- iOS /Android  

Step 2: The user will be prompted to set a password to open the app!

In SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Admin Console

Step 1: Go to Application tab (on the left pane) and select the application you want to enable the two factor Authentication.  In our example I chose S4HC starter system. Likewise, you could select the application of your choice available in the Admin console.

Step 2: select Authentication and Access tab on top tab strip.

Step 3: Go to Risk Based authorization

Step 3: set default action to Two Factor Authentication

Step 4: Go to Starter system where you set the two factor authentication in  

Step 5: It would prompt for the passcode after the password is provided.

Step 6: Click the profile page to register the user for two factor authentications and scroll to the bottom where you have the option to activate

Fig 1:

Fig 2:

Fig 3:

Step 7: Open the installed app on the phone and scan the QR code using your phone and now you need to enter passcode to activate your two-factor authentication.

You’re all set!

After logging in with user name and password, you will be prompted to enter the passcode from the app again. Enter the passcode.

Note: You can check the status by going back to Admin console under user management and enter your name. you will notice the two-factor authentication is enabled against your user.

Further reference in configuring risk based Authentication rule can be found here.

Hope this helps! 

Thank you! Amith Nair