In one of projects , there is integration between S4HC and MES . There is also BOM integration scenario . The requirement  is if a bom created , changed, deleted in S4HC, The bom should be done the same in MES  by integration . In such situation , business event  is fit for this .

Step 1 , check business event  in api HUB in the following linkage .

Step 2, check communication scenario for business event and  Bill of material

Step 3,  Configure communication user, communication system , communication arrangement  in S4HA ( I  will skip on this, only list the related communication arrangement)

Step 4 , configure subscriber (APP manage your solution , then search 101055 )

Step 5,  Activate subscribe

Step 6, Create or change BOM( Done without picture ) .

Step 7,  Read business event Q with POSTMAN .

Step 8, Read BOM with BOM Key with postman

The end .

Jacky Liu