In accelerated returns (scope item BKP), for returning to seller, product inspection is a required step. Inspection is performed after goods receipt and the inspection result is saved in an inspection document. 

In some cases, when the product is returned to the counter or plant directly, an inspection is usually performed quickly before a customer return is created. If you create an accelerated return, you can then enter the inspection result for the return product and set the final logistical activity "Immediately Move to Free Available Stock" directly. In this way, you can skip the step of creating an inspection document and complete the return logistic process in just one step!

The following apps support setting the follow-up activity ‘Immediately Move to Free Available Stock’

  • Create Customer Return (in the Manage Customer Returns app, choose a customer return ID and then choose Create Customer Return)

For OData consumer, below script and parameters can be used as an example

"d" : {
"CustomerReturnType" "CBAR",
"SalesOrganization" "1710",
"DistributionChannel" "10",
"OrganizationDivision" "00",
"SoldToParty" "17100001",
"SDDocumentReason" "009",
"to_Item" : {
"results" : [

"Material" "TG11",
"RequestedQuantity" "1",
"ReturnReason" "004",

"CustRetItmFollowUpActivity" "0002",
"RetMatlInspResultCode" "0001",
"ReturnsMaterialHasBeenReceived" "X" ,
"ReturnsRefundType" "1",
"ReturnsRefundProcgMode" "P",
"ReturnsRefundExtent" "",

"RetsMgmtProcessingBlock" " "