SAP key user tools can support end user to create their own queries based on Cubes. In this blog, we use Sales analytics query as example.

Needed Roles: SAP_BR_ANALYTICS_SPECIALIST (Create Customizing Queries) and SAP_BR_SALES_MANAGER (Show sales analytics data)

1.       Open Tile Custom Analytical Queries

2.       Click New to create new query. Add Query Name and Data Source (e.g. I_BillingDocumentItemCube), then Click OK

3.       Select required fields in section “Field Selection” (e.g. Sales Volume Qty, Credit Memos Qty, Sales Volume, Credit Memos, Billing Document, Billing Document Item, etc.)

4.       In section “Display”, click “Add”->”Add Calculated Measure” to add a new field with customizing logic.(e.g. Input label and Expression “Sales Volume Qty – Credit Memos Qty”).

5.       In section “Filters”, set some filters on dimension if neccesary. then Save draft and Publish.

6.       Click “Preview” to preview data with Billing Document. You can find the customizing field in the design studio report. You can also use “Save as Tile” function to save it as a Tile in your Launchpad.


7.       Then you can use the saved Tile in Launchpad to show your customizing queries directly.