1.      Set Read only for condition type PSP0


    If you set read only for a condition type, then this condition records just can be displayed, you have no authorization to do other operations. For example, if you set PSP0 as read only, then the operations of app will proceed as follows:


1. Create new line for condition type PSP0, it will automatically save draft successfully. When you click Save after you input all the value for this new line, there will be a message “No authorization for condition type PSP0”.


2. Click Edit button, then condition records will be changed to draft lines. If you click Save after you make something changed, messages are raised like “You are not authorized to edit condition record 0000007619. Please contact your system administrator.”.



3. If you use Copy, drafted lines can be saved successfully, you cannot Save condition records. You will receive a message “No authorization for condition type PSP0”.


4. Choose some lines you want to delete, then click Delete button. There will have a common message for you “No authorization for condition type PSP0.”.


Note: User can configure authorization by themselves.

Reference link of user guide of app

0. How to use "Manage Prices - Sales" app

1. Navigation from Project

2. Display Condition Records

3. Create Condition Records

4. Edit Condition Records

5. Copy Condition Records

6. Delete Condition Records

7. Save Variant

8. Authorization

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