SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Warehousing

2005 Release - What’s new


This blog intends to highlight the new features in the 2005 release from the cloud warehouse perspective. There are some new apps introduced, some features have been enhanced, some new configuration items added and some of the existing apps have been deprecated in this release.

I have tried to summarize these additions/changes in this blog. Please refer to the relevant sections of the best-practices explorer or the SAP S/4HANA Cloud help documentation for details. 


APIs for warehouse management

·        Warehouse Outbound Delivery Order - Read, Update (A2X) - Scope item 3BS

You can now change the carrier for outbound warehouse delivery order or the staging bay.


·        Warehouse Storage Bins - Read (A2X)

Retrieve warehouse storage bins


·        Warehouse - Read (A2X)

With this service, you can integrate warehouse identifiers (warehouse numbers) in your external applications – for example as value help.


·        API for attachments

API_CV_ATTACHMENT_SRV – this service allows you to integrate attachments into your external applications. You can upload, download, rename, count or delete files attached to outbound delivery orders or inbound deliveries.


·        API for warehouse inbound deliveries

Read inbound deliveries from an external application. Both header and item information of the inbound deliveries can be retrieved.

Automatic Batch Determination

This new feature allows you to automatically determine batches for goods issue posting of batch managed products during confirmation of manufacturing orders. In case of multiple batches being available, the system uses the FIFO (first-in-first-out) logic. Till the previous releases, the batch had to be entered manually if it wasn’t present in the manufacturing order.


IAM objects in warehouse management

Some Identity and Access management objects have undergone a change in the 2005 release. Therefore, it is required to check business roles and the catalogs attached to them.


IAM object name                                           Changes in 2005 release     

WM – warehouse monitor data display          New business catalog to navigate to Warehouse
                                                                        monitor from other apps

WM – Warehouse setup production               Following apps will be deprecated from 2008 release

·        Replicate PSA

·        Map production supply area

·        Define production supply area


WM- Inbound processing                               Authorizations for “Warehouse inbound delivery
read(A2X)” API added

WM – warehouse floor                                   Authorizations for “Warehouse inbound delivery
read (A2X)” API added

WM – warehouse floor                                   Authorizations for “Warehouse Read (A2X)” API

WM – warehouse floor                                   “Process warehouse tasks” app added


WM – Monitoring                                             Authorizations for “Warehouse Read (A2X)” API added






Configuration changes for warehouse management

New Configuration step

Handling units -- Maintain GTL generation for each warehouse number

Configuration path: Supply chain à Warehouse management à General Settings


New fields in configuration step

Change storage type settings - Allow the storage of a mixture of different handling units and unpacked stock in standard storage bins

Configuration path: Supply chain à Warehouse management à General Settings


New and updated Apps

Process Warehouse tasks

With this new app, all kinds of warehouse tasks like picking, putaway and internal movements can be processed from a single app, without the need to navigate to different apps for different categories.

2005 release

Earlier releases – three different apps for each WT category


Enhancements to Run outbound process Apps

With a new feature in the run outbound process, items of late batch split performed to pick an outbound delivery can be viewed. The following apps support this new feature:



Display and Navigate between warehouse document and material document

You can navigate between the “Warehouse monitor” and “Post goods movement” apps to see the material document and the warehouse document / putaway warehouse task details respectively. The two apps now allow easy navigation between each other.  





Output Management

Enhancement to printing of picking list

The field “Material sales text” can be added to the form template of the picking list subsequently printed on the picking list.