End to End process of Procure to pay comprehensively supports on all buying activities.  Both Purchasers and employees in an organization  are supported with ordering materials, services and creating free text requirements with a consumer grade user experience. Let’s take  an example of services ordering here. The entire process is supported in Fiori UI, from creating the purchase order to  services entry to posting supplier invoice.

Timely approval of Service entry sheet is very important to run next process i.e.,  invoice to Pay. Invoice to pay process helps account payable consultants to organize and control outstanding open payable invoices with full visibility on the entire lifecycle of an invoice. 

This blogpost explains the possible workflow steps and capabilities within SAP S/4HANA Cloud essentials  with screenshots

First purchase orders are created in SAP S/4HANA system with relevant details. Purchase orders go through approval as applicable to business . Output management is configured to take care of transferring purchase order information to service providers soon after the purchase order is approved.

Service entry sheets can be created/managed using app “manage service entry ” . Once service sentry sheet is approved, supplier invoice can be posted to continue the rest of procure to pay process.

You can refer to end to process flow view as shown below in image using an app “manage purchase order” and then process flow view at item level.


During the above described process, service entry sheet timely approval plays key role to take procure to pay process to closure.

Troubleshooting of service entry sheet approval scenario may involve  2 possible personas

As an End users

  •       Withdrawing during approval : Withdraw from approval" can be used by End users  to withdraw Service Entry Sheets in the State "In Approval" (so between "In Process" and "Approved"). The "Withdraw from approval" stops the approval process, before anything is booked. This will help also end users to resubmit the service sheet for approval after editing it.


  •       Revoking after the approval : There could be many business reason that demands revoking after the approval.  Once  Service Entry Sheet is Approved the "Withdraw from approval" can no longer be used, and instead a "Revoke from approval" functionality can  be used .
    you can be informed that the "Revoke from approval" revokes the bookings, while the "Withdraw from approval" cancels the whole process before the bookings got posted


As an administrators   

  • Troubleshooting the issues during approval : Administrator can access different Fiori apps grouped under “workflow administration” to address work items with issues.  For example administrator can access app “Workflow in status Error” to know all the work items in error and then results can be further filtered for service entry sheet related entries. Screen shot provides possible options to troubleshoot the errors



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