Customers may need to follow a fiscal year different from the Group reporting fiscal year for the purpose of local statutory reporting of Units spread across various geographic locations. For example, local regulations of some countries may require closing of bookings and reporting financial statements on a date other than the calendar year end date i.e. 31/03. For Company Codes relating to such countries, a different Fiscal Year Variant is needed for closing of its local books.


For such a scenario, the ideal solution is to assign the relevant Company Code to a Non leading ledger for its local reporting which in turn will be assigned to this second deviating Fiscal year variant. This Fiscal year variant is different from the Fiscal Year Variant assigned to the Leading Ledger relevant for Group Reporting.

The Lean Solution addresses this requirement. Please refer to SAP Notes 2568383 and 2220152 for more detailed explanation.


The Lean Solution involves setting up a new shared common Ledger Group (ZL) and a Local Ledger (Z1) for Parallel reporting at the very inception during the Preset Phase. This means that there should not be any postings in the Production system at the time of setting up of this additional ledger. The SSCUI 102630 (Create Ledger for deviating Fiscal Year Variant) is used for this purpose.

Once the above initial set up is activated, customer can subsequently create new Company Codes and Deviating Fiscal Year Variants and assign them to Z1 parallel ledger and use the same for parallel reporting across locations.

In other words, it is not necessary to assign the Company codes and deviating Fiscal year variants to Z1 in the Preset phase itself. These can be created and assigned subsequently even after activation. It is mandatory to just create the new shared common Ledger Group (ZL) and Parallel ledger Z1 during the Preset Phase.


The Lean solution comes with some limitations relating to Asset Accounting details of which and workaround solutions are stated in SAP Notes 844029, 1951069.

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