We have launched 19th Dec the SAP Conversational AI technology into the into the S/4HANA Customer Community.


Deployed scenarios 


Edmin will pick-up unanswered questions in the community using its knowledge base. There are Lob Q&A bots working in the forums; General Q&A, Finance, Sales, Cross Area and Manufacturing.  These bots have over 350 known solutions to common problems

#2.png The community users can have conversations with Edmin in the chat window.  Should this conversation result in a technical question it is forwarded to a Lob-Bot  

Further planned scenarios for Q1 2019

aims_outcomes.png #3.png The bot to sort questions into different LoB pages depending on the context of the question. 
#4.png If a question has not been answered within 48hrs it will escalate it to a moderator or contributor to that relevant forum
#5.png Launch Q&A bots for forums Supply Chain, HR, Procurement, Asset Management and R&D

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