Close Assets Fiscal Year


When using the App "Carry Forward Balances" the following error message is displayed: "Fiscal year change in co.code XXXX possible only after year-end closing XXXX".


  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Access App "Carry Forward Balances".
  2. Try to Carry forward the balance from one fiscal year to the next one.


Asset Fiscal year is opened and it needs to be closed in order to perform the Carry Forward Balances to the next year.

In Asset accounting you can have two fiscal years open, for example:
"2015(closed) -> 2016(opened) -> 2017(opened) -> 2018(closed)".

In this example if you want to use fiscal year 2018, you will need to close the 2016 fiscal year first.
Then open the fiscal year 2018.


  1. Use App "Schedule Asset Accounting Jobs" .
  2. Close Fiscal Year 2017. (select the job).
  3. Open Fiscal Year 2019.
  4. Perform the Carry Forward Balances process.

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