This page is meant to be an overview with direct links to other blogs related to the topic of payment formats.


Payment Formats - Generic 
Blog on Payment Formats

Accelerator on Payment Formats 
Blog with formats already tested and ready to use 

How to Create New Payment Format 
Step by Step on the SSCUI  to create Payment Formats

How to Create Payment Formats – Real Examples 
How to build real requirements from banks 

Create, Copy, Delete & Release in Map Payment Format Data

Step by Step on the creation of new payment format

Source of Information for Field in structures FPAYH-FPAYHX-FPAYP
Detailed information about FP* structures 

The integration of SEPA_CT and SEPA_DD into CGI_XML_CT/CGI_XML_DD
Integration of SEPA_CT and SEPA_D

Unique End-to-End Reference (UETR) Reporting 
How to search and generate UETR 

Custom logic for Payment Files 
How to use custom logic in payment formats

Create Selection Variants for Payment Medium
How to create selection variants to payment medium formats