Team Service Global ID in Service Order and in Service Confirmation


Readers – 

This one-minute reading is particularly useful for all users of S/4HANA cloud edition and especially to S/4 CRM HANA users. This feature will be enabled along with 2008CE new features. 

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Functionality Change in Service Team Determination– 

In this blog, I will explain on different variants of team global id and team service id usage while creating service orders or service confirmations. 

·         A team global ID uniquely identifies a team across multiple systems. For example, when you need to have the same team in production and quality systems, or any system or service which can store a team in responsibility management, you need a team global ID that is the same in all systems.

·         A team internal ID is generated automatically and also cannot be changed but is unique to the system in which it is created. Therefore, if you need a reference to a team, SAP recommends that you persist the team global ID and not the team internal ID. 

·         With 2008CE enablement’s,  service team determination takes value of team global id as precedence over team internal id, when both values are supplied to create service order / service confirmation. 

·         Variant 1 – Team global ID and Team Internal ID can be supplied while creating service orders / service confirmation.  Value of team global id will be taken as precedence over the team internal id for determination of service team. 

·         Variant 2 – Team Internal ID alone can be supplied while creating service orders / service confirmation. Value of team internal id will be considered for determination of service team. 


ODATA for consumption –

For more technical details, check SAP help portal -

 Sample payload to run ODATA API Service Order and Service Confirmation (A2X)


                 "ServiceOrderType" : "SVO1",                                                                                  

                 "ServiceOrderDescription" : "Test",                                                                                        

                "RequestedServiceStartDateTime" : "\/Date(1586444043662)\/",  "RequestedServiceEndDateTime" : "\/Date(1586703243662)\/",         

                 "SalesOrganization" : "1710",                                                                              

                "DistributionChannel" : "10",                                                                                      

                 "Division" : "00",                                                                                             

                "SalesOffice" : "",                                                                                            

                 "SalesGroup" : "",                                                                                           

     "SoldToParty" : "17100003",                                                                                     

                "ServiceOrderIsReleased" : " ",

                 "RespyMgmtGlobalTeamID" : "12421515",                                                                                           

                 "RespyMgmtServiceTeamName" : "SRV TEAM BLR PM TEAM",                                                  

                 "to_Item" : [                                                                                     


                                  "Product" : "SRV_01",                                                                                 

                                  "Quantity" : "1",                                                                                            

                                 "QuantityUnit" : "HR",                                                                                

                                 "BillableControl" : "",

                                 "RespyMgmtGlobalTeamID" : "12421515",                            

                                 "ServiceOrderItemIsReleased" : " "                                                                                        














{              "ServiceConfirmationItem":"010",












Once Payload successfully uploaded, retrieve (GET) same service order to fetch service team details.

For any issues related to above content , incidents can be raised to CRM-S4-SRV-SVO-FIO.