First step is to create a Purchase Order with role Purchaser and app ‘Create Purchase Order -Advanced’. Fill all necessary fields, go to ‘Invoice’ tab and select ‘DP Category’ ‘Mandatory Down Payment’. Enter either a Down Payment Amount or a Down Payment Percentage and save the Purchase Order.



Next step is to create a Down Payment Request by opening app ‘Monitor Purchase Order Down Payments’ with role Accounts Payable Accountant. Enter filter values in order to find your Purchase Order Items. Select your Purchase Order and click on button ‘Create Down Payment Request’.


You are automatically directed to app ‘Manage Supplier Down Payment Requests’. Fill in the required fields and click on button ‘Post’. A Success screen is displayed showing your Journal Entry number.


Next step is to create a Down Payment. Open app ‘Post Outgoing Payments’ with role Accounts Payable Accountant. Fill in the payment details in the header, press on button ‘Show Items’ and search for your posted Journal Entry in the ‘open Items’ section. (If you are not able to find your Journal Entry try out the button ‘Select More’ and adapt the filter settings e.g. ‘Special GL Transaction’.)

After you found your Journal Entry press on button ‘Clear’ and then on button ‘Post’. You get a success popup with your successfully posted Journal entry number.




After that step you can post either a Goods Receipt or directly create the Invoice.

Open app ‘Create Supplier Invoice – Advanced’ and fill in the necessary invoice data. After referencing the Purchase Order you should see a popup and click on ‘Continue’.



Click on button ‘Down Payment Clearing’ in the header toolbar. A popup for the Down Payment Clearing opens and you need to scroll to the right in order to fill in the entered amount. After you entered the amount, select the row and press button ‘Copy’.


Now you can simulate or post the invoice.