As SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customers, you may wish to influence SAP software and services to address your business needs and would like to see your ideas and feedback incorporated in the product. Since SAP's ticketing systems is meant only to address fixing of errors in S/4HANA Cloud, it is not the right channel to submit new feature requests to SAP. Instead, you may leverage our SAP Customer Influence portal for this purpose.

SAP Customer Influence offers a range of programs that give customers the opportunity to influence SAP software development decisions and adopt new innovations early on. It enables customers to submit improvement requests and to openly vote on them. Feedback received from this portal, along with the voting result allows SAP to understand and gauge product enhancements and changes customers are most interested in seeing in future releases.

How to use Customer Influence portal?

  • Get started by opening SAP Customer Influence
  • Register and accept the Terms of Use
  • Choose a session of your interest
  • Create and submit your improvement request
  • Take a look at existing improvement requests and start voting and commenting