Over the next few weeks and months, you will probably see a shift in the way SAP S/4HANA Cloud as a brand is being re-positioned in the market. If you follow SAP and S/4HANA channels on LinkedIn or Twitter, you may have already noticed it: From an emphasis on the limited scope and industries addressing multi-tenancy version of S/4HANA, to an all-industries, all-encompassing cloud ERP, to be covered by a single tenant subscription or the multi-tenancy offering.       

Over the past few weeks we learned from Jan Gilg, head of S/4HANA, that based on customer and partner input, we need to radically simplify our go-to-market with the SAP S/4HANA brand. Sales and presales need to have a deep conversation with the customer on their specific business needs, possibly industry requirements, and future roadmap for themselves and their respective ERP needs pointing into their digital future. Part of that conversation should be the preferred licensing model. Based on that conversation, enterprise architects together with product experts of SAP may have to determine which of the S/4HANA deployment models may be the right one(s) for that particular customer. So, ultimately, deployment options, their differences and respective limitations and advantages will have to be presented to the customer or partner, and they will have to make an informed decision, which one(s) may be right for them. But the order of activities should be starting with the customer's specific business requirements, not with product and deployment specifics. 

Obviously, this shift will have an impact how we need to talk about the commonalities and differences of the deployment options, the details of which shall be rolled out over the next few weeks. Please stay tuned.