Navigation from Project 

1. How to Navigation from project and navigation back


        To navigate from project and navigate back, proceed as follows:


1. Use Create Customer Projects to create a new customer project (E.g. Project ID: TestProject). Then set the basic values for this project.


All Images/data in this guide is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental

2. On Billing tab, click Manage Prices link.


3. After click into the like of Manage Prices – Sales app, it will open with default value for filter (E.g. PCP0/TESTPROJECT).


Note: Using link to go into the app, the default values filled in the filter bar do not contain text description.

4.  You can add a condition type (E.g. PSP0) to do the comparation.


5. You can also create/update new prices for this project (E.g. create a new price, Condition Amount 200 EUR).



6. After update the price, you can go back to project part and open tab Work Package, then to choose Edit mode to select Recalculate the prices (E.g. Revenue changed from 8.00K to 20.00K). 




Reference link of user guide of app

0. How to use "Manage Prices - Sales" app

1. Navigation from Project

2. Display Condition Records

3. Create Condition Records

4. Edit Condition Records

5. Copy Condition Records

6. Delete Condition Records

7. Save Variant

8. Authorization

Link to download whole user guide

How to Use "Manage Prices - Sales" App