Important Note: Effective 2005 CE.

This blog is relevant to all who are using SAP S/4HANA Service Cloud Edition. it will explain changes coming in 2005 CE because of deprecation process of 2 applications – Manage Service Orders and Manage Service Confirmations.

This blog will explain:

1: Roles affected by deprecation of apps

2: Need for deprecation of apps

3: What is replacing the deprecated applications

4: Change is Catalogs because of deprecation.


1: What are the roles affected?

Customer Service Manager in SAP S/4HANA Service

2: What is the need for Deprecation?

Manage Service Orders [F3571] and Manage Service Confirmations [F3572] were introduced in  1811 CE. With the need for harmonization of Service Orders and Service Confirmations, features and functionalities of both the applications were merged in to single application Manage Service Orders [F3571A] in 1911CE leading to deprecation of predecessor applications Manage Service Orders [F3571] and Manage Service Confirmations [F3572] from 1911 CE.

As per the deprecation process of SAP Fiori applications, the deprecated applications were available till 2002 CE and will be removed from 2005 CE.

3: What is replacing the deprecated applications


3.1: Snapshot of Deprecated application – Which will not be available from 2005 CE – Before

3.2: Snapshot of application to be used for Service Orders and Service confirmation as substitute for deprecated applications [already available from 1911 CE]. – After

SAP Fiori applications Library reference – harmonized UI

4: Changes is Business Catalogs because of deprecation

In Conclusion, by harmonizing the 2 applications in to one application, Manager role will get a holistic picture of planned vs actual in one single view, above changes are brought in place during the deprecation process.