Luca Biasotto
Business Partner Integration: OData vs SOAP
Luca Biasotto · over 1 year ago · Discussion
Luca Biasotto
Business Partner Integration: OData vs SOAP

Dear Experts,

we are developing an interface by which an external legacy system must create/update Business Partners in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Analyzing the 2 available techniques (we don't even consider IDOC) in Communication Scenario SAP_COM_0008, we found the following differences: 

  OData SOAP
Operations Create, Read, Update, Delete Create, Update
Calls Synchronous Asynchronous
Long Texts No Yes
Email Remark No Yes

In summary, SOAP is more powerful, in the sense that it manages all the master data fields, including long texts and email remark (ADSMTP-REMARK), that our interface needs to update.

On the other side, if the BP to be updated is already defined in S4HC, the interface logic needs to read the existing data before updating, so an OData call is necessary because SOAP does not provide a Read operation. If we go for SOAP, we will also need to implement OData, bringing a lot of complexity in the interface.

Do you have any suggestions? 

Many thanks,