Luis Miguel Bordier
Intercompany Sales Order Processing without customer
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Luis Miguel Bordier · about 1 year ago · Discussion
Luis Miguel Bordier
Intercompany Sales Order Processing without customer

I need to find the following scneario in S/4 Hana Cloud

This scenario has been published by other user, requiring a solution.

Belowe you can find the link

Intercompany sales process between 2 companies from the same group, without end customer. No margin needed, no mandatory price management needed. 

Process needed:

company A and company B. Company A is sailing non-stock items to company B (could be management fees or other services).

  1. Company A create sales order
  2. Company A process sales order (delivery + Invoicing)
  3. Company B should receive an AP invoice reflecting the company A sales invoice.

The process need also to manage the analytic conversion from company A to company B (WBS or Cost Center).

 Business challenges and benefits:

  • Accelerator of processes
  • More visibility on the business done between entities
  • Save time and effort for users
  • Less work in both environment
  • Quicker management of inter-companies flows
  • Quicker visibility for finance team for posting and payment process
  • Complete both scenario as the solution does not provide the scenario without end customer. 1HO and 1MX are with end customer
  • Give a quick and easy set up for business in the same group for non-stock material


Alejo Rojas


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