Change Document for Projects
SYADAV · 5 days ago · Discussion
Change Document for Projects

Hello Experts,

We are facing issues in identifying changes done in the project. Basically we should get a changelog based on Project/WP level but currently, in the cloud, we do not have any way to identify the exact changes made.

Process for identifying changes:

1. select a project and press F12 to get debug screen for the web page

2. F5 to refresh the page and click on Network tab as below

3. filter for "SC_PROJ_ENGAGMNT_MAINT_SRV" so you will get Batches

4. In available batch, you need to search “Key” one by one and take the value


then remove “-” from this key


After this key, Now go to App “show change document”

Select “change document object” as Change Document for Commercial Project Header

And selection date range and execute

you will get the above results then filter for "Object Value" with the same Key.

you will get your results specific to Project.

Now here, if I want to identify changes made for Project Manager so it's very difficult. 

Could you please help us to identify the steps to identify changes in the correct way so the user can understand.

I have checked the below link as well: so this is not helping to identify the correct values.