Daniel Miller
S4HC Export SOAP Data via CPI to SFTP
Daniel Miller · over 1 year ago · Discussion
Daniel Miller
S4HC Export SOAP Data via CPI to SFTP

Hello all,

trying to establish a simple flat-file export from S4HC to SFTP via CPI doesn´t work.

Communication User/Szenario, Key-Authorisation and so on, everything has been established as described in these blogs.



Connection to external SFTP has been commited, iFlow has been startet.

There´s allways SFTP Receiver drops attachement in paylod from SOAP 1.x Sender.

This iFlow is just for testing purposes and to understand how CPI works.

Target Flows should result in connecting external shipping service providers UPS/FedEx etc. (outbound shipping orders - inbound tracking ID)

and custom service providers instead of SAP GTS.

By now we do not have any customziation in S4HC. It´s standard, absolute.

Does anyone have a simple guide how to export Data from S4HC to SFTP using CPI. 

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