Sofia Zirpoli
External BP Number in Standard API " Replicate Business Partner"
Sofia Zirpoli · about 2 years ago · Question
Sofia Zirpoli


We need to create Customers and Vendors Master Data from external system and we are trying to use the Standard API  " Replicate Business Partner" in order to do that.

From the documentation seems that the field “Business Partner Number” has to be empty in creation of a new Business Partner, but this would not cover our requirements (we need to have an external numbering).

In addition I was not able to find the field “BusinessPartnerGrouping” related to the Receiver System: I found the field “NumberRangeIntervalBusinessPartnerGroupCode”, but it seems to be related to the Source System (Sender) only.

Could you please tell us where we can find the fields above and if the Standard API  " Replicate Business Partner" fulfill our needs?

Thanks a lot,