Configuration electronic bank statement
Mario · over 2 years ago · Question



We've noticed that in S/4HANA Cloud we cannot define new posting rules. We think it had already been commented here. but we have some doubts.

First of all, we would like to know how we could see what accounts are debited and what accounts are credited in each posting rule preconfigured.


On the other hand, where is the worksheet for creating new posting rules using a expert configuration? In the file "S4CLD1808_SSCUI_Expert Configuration and SSCUI Reference", we have not found that point. Obviously, each company is different. They have different kind of operations and different ways to manage them. The posting rules that are preconfigured do not cover all of our casuistry.


Lastly, we have not found how to define search string for electronic bank statement. It is very important as well, because the banks groups different concepts under the same external transaction many times. Right now, we can assign a external transaction to one posting rule in table T028G but we need to use the bank statement texts (strings) in order to reassign the proper posting rule. How could we do this in S4/HANA Cloud?    

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you very much.