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Project-based-services and Billing of different types of cost/expense
eric hassenberg · over 2 years ago · Question
eric hassenberg


We are currently engaged in the implementation of S/4HANA in an engineering & project context. We need to be able to bill different activities to our customers:

  • Time via timesheets
  • Expenses (recorded via Concur)
  • materials based on delivery & goods issue to customers
  • procurement of external goods & services
  • other costs
  •  ...

--> We can post the costs towards the WBS (work packages) but as far as we can see, we can only bill hours (fixed price, time & material....)

In a classic SAP environment this would be covered via resource related billing BUT this does not exist to that extend in S/4 Cloud - so my big questions are:

  • How can we bill any costs associated with Work packages (WBS) towards customers in a flexible way?
  • How does S/4 determine which costs are "billing relevant"?
  • How can we influence this or did anyone use a work around?

kind regards

Eric H.