Nitin Fatnani
Can Employee Master data from Import File Templates & SF EC co-exist in S4HC?
Nitin Fatnani · almost 2 years ago · Question
Nitin Fatnani

Hello Team

We are in process of implementing Successfactors Employee Central for few divisions within our organization.

However, there would be some divisions whose employees wont be onboarded into SF EC.

But, we do require the basic data of these employees and their Supplier Fin Accounting BPs to exist in the system as we would be using the Finance module in S4HC for making the re-imbursements / payments.

We plan to use the file import process to create the employee records and the Fin BPs for these employees.

Can any one of you confirm if employee data from SF EC and import file co-exist in S4HC? (We are OK to not maintain Reporting manager data for the employees loaded through file import)