Daniel Abell
Asset Accounting - Close Fiscal Year error due to legacy data transfer at year end (FI-AA)
Daniel Abell · over 1 year ago · Question
Daniel Abell

In our Q Testing system, I cannot close the asset accounting subledger in fiscal year 2017 due to an error from the legacy data transfer date being 12/31/2018.

It would appear the date was changed from its previous date of 9/30/2017 and now cannot be changed back. 


Only 1 open fisc. year is allowed, if legacy data transfer is at year end

Message no. FAA_CMP078

If I attempt to change the LDT date, I get an error:

  • Check fails due to legacy data transfer status change in company code 1130 - Message no. FAA_CMP043

  • Legacy data transfer date 09/30/2017 is in a closed fiscal year

  • LDT date changed; check if the fiscal year has to be adjusted

Within the app "Execute/Undo Year-End Closing" I do not have the option to change the Current FYear under the ledger settings, as it is grayed out.

All periods in all areas of the G/L are open from 01/2016 through 12/2020

I have attempted to RERUN Carry Forward Balances in previous years to force open the previous fiscal year, without success.

I have also posted to the general ledger in 2017 without effect to the current FYear.

How do I go about opening previous Fiscal Year 2017 in the ledger to change the Legacy Data Transfer date so that I can close AA 2017

I have uploaded screenshots to display the current status of this company code.