Treatment of Project stock in Customer Projects (S4HC)
SatyaPrasad · almost 2 years ago · Question

Dear Team,

We are using "Professional services" in our S4HC system. As part of procurement, while doing GRN, system is hitting directly "Consumption Account" instead of debiting to "Stock GL". Thereby the stock will get consumed against project as and when procured and does not be available in normal Stock.

In this context, if i have done GRN for 10 quantity, all the 10 qty will hit my consumption GL. However, i have utilised only 8 qty in project and 2 qty are still physically available in project site.

So, is there any application in S4HC to transfer that 2 qty from project 1 to project 2?

or, is it possible to transfer stock from project 1 to normal stock?

Thanks & Regards,