How to print the company code bank account on Invoice form ?
Laurent BOUVIER · about 2 years ago · Question

Hi Community,

I want to print on the invoice form the bank account information from the bank attached to the company code.

As you know, in SSCUI ID 100030, a bank is determined for the following combination : Company Code + Payment Method + Currency.

I want to print the bank account information on the invoice form fot the company code + Payment Method + Currency set in the invoice document.

Any idea on how I can do that ?

What I was thinking about :
It is possible to add custom field to the data source of the invoice form.
My issue is more on how I will read the bank information linked to the company code, as I did not find any CDS view where this information is available.
In a custom logic code, if I am not wrong, it is not possible to read to raw SAP tables.

Thanks for your help ;-)