Nitin Fatnani
CDS for Service Organization Master Data (including Sales Area, Cost & Profit Centers associated)
Nitin Fatnani · almost 2 years ago · Question
Nitin Fatnani

Hello All

The absence of the excel download option is causing Project Managers selecting wrong Service Organizations in Customer Projects in our P system.

We want to give them an extract of the Service Organization Master Data so that they can choose the same correctly in their respective projects.

What we are looking for is an option to be able to view a report / excel download the service organization master data as we maintain in the app 'Maintain Service Organizations' since there is no feature available in this app to download the records into an excel.


What we require is as below - 


Serv Org.1          Cost Center1             Profit Center1              Sales Org1                  Distri. Channel1           Division1

Serv Org.1          Cost Center2             Profit Center2              Sales Org1                  Distri. Channel1           Division2

Serv Org.2          Cost Center3             Profit Center3              Sales Org1                  Distri. Channel1           Division3

Serv Org.2          Cost Center4             Profit Center4              Sales Org1                  Distri. Channel1           Division4


Could you please let us know which CDS can serve this purpose?