Unresolvable error in Bank account balance migration
SCSK · over 2 years ago · Question

When we proceed to migrate a bank account balance with using the standard migration cockpit, the following error arises.
However, we cannot resolve this error since we cannot change the suggested configurations in 1808.

How we can handle this issue?


Company code xxxx already has flows generated from FI in One Exposure

Message no. FQME123


The company code to which the bank account belongs already has cash flows that are generated from FI in One Exposure.

System Response

The import of the initial balance for the bank account terminates.


Initial bank account balances are imported before cash flows are generated from FI in One Exposure.


  1. Run transaction FCLM_FB_UTIL or go to the Customizing activity under Financial Supply Chain Management -> Cash and Liquidity Management -> Cash Management -> Data Setup -> Customize the Flow Builder.
  2. Select Delete Flows Derived from FI to delete cash flows in the corresponding company code.