Issues on Bank Integration Scope Item 1EG ITALY
Techedge · over 2 years ago · Question
Dear Gurus,
we are analyzing and testing the following scope item:
1EG_S4CLD1808_BPD_EN_IT    Bank Integration with File Interface (1EG_IT)   for Italy 

As suggested in the script, we have tested the Electronic Bank Statement import in 2 different way:
  1. By using application "Manage Incoming Payment File" in order to import the EBS file and by appplication "Manage Bank Statement" in order to post in accounting. Unfortunately in this last step (Manage Bank statement) we had the following error message when trying to save and post.

  1.  By using  application "Upload Bank Statement", but the system issued the following Runtime error 
The issues we are facing are urgent since we have to show this business process to the client but we are not able to do it in any way. 
Can you please provide us support on it? 
If there is something unclear to you, we can also schedule a quick Skype call. 
Just let us know. 
Thanks a lot for your help.
Kind Regards,
Maria Rosaria Maione