FIK payments in localization for Denmark
HMRAMS · about 2 years ago · Question

Hi community,

we have a danish company code in our S/4-HANA public cloud system.

Now we need the functionality of FIK payments which is a special type of payment in Denmark.

With OSS-note 2512699 SAP announced that FIK-payments are planned for future releases of S/4HANA Cloud Editions 1711+.

Payment format DK_CGI_XML_CT which is described in this oss-note is available.

Here is a short description of the functionality of FIK payments (known from SAP-system in on-premise-Version):

"A supplier sends an invoice with a special code, format is: +71< 000000000000000+00000000< .

First 15 digits stand for the supplier, the last 8 digits are the invoice number. 71 is a card type.

By creating the supplier invoice in system these number/code has to be saved.

In XML-format tree it is defined, that the number is taken over in payment medium of payment run.

This format tree is used in a special payment method (= FIK payments) to select the right invoices for payment run.

Other payment information, e.g. account number are not necessary."

Does anybody know, if this is standard in danish localization or how we can use FIK payments in S/4HANA cloud?

Maybe I will have to create an new payment method and create an own payment format?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,