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How to adjust business roles in every quarterly upgrading
Yuri Yasuda · almost 2 years ago · Question
Yuri Yasuda


Could you share your knowledge how to adjust business roles in every quarterly upgrading?
We define our own business roles with copying SAP templates and set organization specific restrictions (company code, plant, sales organizations etc) to segregate the access per company. The number of roles are actually over 700 since there are 70 business roles required for our scope items, for 5 companies, and both "write" and "only read" then 70*5*2 = 700.
It took too much time to adjust all of restrictions in every quarter, so I would like to find a better way.

Following is the current steps of us.

1) Compare business catalog in the app 'Business Catalog'
2) Compare business role template in the app 'Business Role Templates'
        -> Changes of business role templates due to quarterly upgrading would be reflected to our own business roles, but we need to maintain the authorization value in each single role. 
3) Maintain authorization value (restrictions) one by one with opening each single role.
        -> At the step 2, new restriction fields are added in our own business roles with blank, then we need to maintain the value one by one.

It takes too much time The step 3.  It is the most tough work for us for upgrading.

Could you please give us some advice?  Thank you in advance.

Thank you and best regards,