Thibaud Philouze
S/4HANA Cloud - Maintenance/Cost elements
Thibaud Philouze · almost 2 years ago · Question
Thibaud Philouze

Hi mates,

I have got quite a big issue I would like you to help me working out. The problem occurs in Asset Management / Maintenance :

1) I created a maintenance order (Create Maintenance Order tile) which generates purchasing requisition,

2) I converted it to purchase order and posted the goods receipt,

3) I also confirmed time data (Confirm Jobs tile),

4) In the end I ran actual settlement for this order (Run Actual Settlement - Order Single tile)

=> what I get is two standard SAP accounts 99900254/ 99900256 (see below)

=> the first one 99900254 is corresponding to procurement costs (what has been ordered)

=> the second one 99900256 is corresponding to time data confirmation

My question is : have you already met those two accounts and where can I change them ?

Thanks you very much for your help.