Clare Campbell-Smith
Deployment of S4HC to a country where there is no country version provided by SAP?
Clare Campbell-Smith · almost 2 years ago · Question
Clare Campbell-Smith


If a customer has a subsidiary in a country which is not currently covered by any of the country versions provided by SAP, but wishes to deploy a S4HC solution in that country, is this possible.  My understanding is that the SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service is available to do precisely this, and can feed in tax rates etc for that country.  However, presumably you would first need to have a country / company code etc deployed in that country, and in the questionnaires for deployment of an additional country, you only have the option to select countries for which SAP provide a version.

Can anyone help?

Is this possible - and if so, can you point me towards some practical documentation as to how this can be done?