Bardiau R.
API or CDS to get BP number using Previous Account Number or Personnal Number
Bardiau R. · over 2 years ago · Question
Bardiau R.

Hi Community,

We are currently searching for a way to retreive the Business Partner number based on his Previous Account Number and/or his Personnal Number.

In our interfaces, the distant system won't send us the internal number of the BP but the number in the distant system which we will store in those fields during our Data Migration Run.

On a BP, for Partner Role "Supplier (Fin.Accounting)" (FLVN00), in Company Code view, in "Vendor: Account Management", we have the block "Reference Data" with both fields

We didn't found them in the Business Partner API, so we wanted to create a custom CDS view exposed ni oData but we couldn't find any standard CDS which are exposing these fields that could allow us to create it.

Is there any way to do the link between those fields and the BP ?

Kind Regards,