Cost center assigment at free form payments app
Mario · almost 2 years ago · Question

Hello Community!!

I would like to know your opinion about the usefullness of Fiori app F3038-My Free Form Payments.

Let's say you want to post a payment request to a P&L account that is also a primary cost element. In that case you will have to inform a cost assignment, usually a cost center. However, you are not going to find such field on the app screen what in my opinion is an important design gap. If I’m right, you will not either find the necessary business context to implement an in-app extension which allows you to pass the information to the accounting interface.

I opened an OSS incident to disclose this gap, although the answer was a bit disappointing: “it is not a gap neither an incident, it is how the app works. Use a default cost assignment for the GL account”. In my humble opinion, using a default cost assignment in such payments is not an efficient option as it will probably force to a subsequent reallocation in most of the times. In a plain language, I think it results in a worthless app for one of the scenarios it was developed for.

Alternative understandings will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.