Anna Rafter
ODATA API - Condition Record for Pricing in Sales
Anna Rafter · over 1 year ago · Question
Anna Rafter


We have activated the following communication scenario "SAP_COM_0294" (Pricing Data Integration) in a new communication arrangement.

Our intention is to use ODATA as a source in Excel to access to the following data regarding Condition Records in Sales Pricing: 

  • Condition Type
  • Sales Organization
  • Distributon Channel
  • Customer
  • Material
  • Price

However, the service URL's facilitate by SAP for this communication arrangement to access this information do not include the "customer" field. 

The only way to access the información regarding material prices is to filter data by condition record.

Does anyone know if it is possible to generate a document in which we can filter material prices by customer instead of filtering material prices by condition record?

Thank you in advance,