Rob B
Customer Project general understanding
Rob B · over 1 year ago · Question
Rob B

Hi - I am exploring utilizing Customer Project and would like to gain a general understanding of its behavior and purpose.  I vaguely understand it is a project type that will allow both cost posting and revenue posting.  So a few clarifications will possibly jump start me, or any general documentation would as well.

  1. Can one simply enter revenues against the project, treating it basically as an informational object (not an efficiency/automation tool), by posting sales orders against the WBS element?
    1. If so are there any special limiations to the materials that can be used - such as having to configure related costs to that material or the like?
  2. To better utilize the functionality, am I to understand that it is possible to automate your billing to the customer in relation to the costs posted to that project?  What app or process is used to "push the button" and execute billings based on what has been posted to the project in the period?
    1. My initial assumption is costs post to the project in the same methodologies as any other project, such as journal entry, payable invoice, manual allocation, and direct activity allocation.  Is "Direct Activity Allocation" the only method of these that will then convert the postings to revenues?
    2. Depending on the type of posting, is there any way to have the revenue billings execute at a rate different than the cost postings?  So for example, I would want cost center 17052101 to allocate $50 of cost to the Customer Project.  However, then when billing, I want the customer to be billed $100 for that same activity/item/posting.