Purchase Order Form - India Tax Code and Amount breakdown
KaiBangcola · over 1 year ago · Question

Hi, Experts. 

I'm looking for some inputs from the community on how to properly output the India PO tax code and amounts on the form. As I just recently found out, India has a much complicated input tax computation than SG and other countries.

Basically, client wants a breakdown of the tax amount on the PO form, namely: CGST, SGST, IGST, etc. It seems that standard condition type TTX1 consolidates the percentages/amounts hence is not useful for the breakdown requirement. The breakdown should look like this in the form.

Now, from the PO advanced app, I can easily see the breakdown from the Tax tab of the PO item.

These conditions are not present in the PO XML files. I'm also unaware of any CDS view that holds this information.

Anyone of you who has encountered this requirement before?

Thank you.